My Portfolio
Maren Fiorelli

Play Smarter_YouTube Gaming

Gamifying the youtube community  

Client: Co:Collective
Company: Youtube

I worked on the: UI, Interaction Design, Production

Youtube Gaming is a place to connect to a world of gamers with the broadest mix of games, videos, and live streams all in one place.

The Challenge
Our team was given the task to create the branding for the Youtube Gaming site, in a fun and appealing way.



I was lead UX production designer for this project. I put together graphical user interface, and set up screen sequences for the short video on the apple app store.   

What this entailed

  • Determine visual design strategy

  • Create a story for the production screens

  • Prototype interactions for client use


How might we...

Create… a more community based gaming experience 

For… both new and experienced gamers

To… easily and successfully connect with more youtube 

And improve… the overall user experience of the app and increase successful products


YouTube Colors: Branding 

The colors below are the ones used in the project.

Youtube colors.png


 Desktop Dashboard Screen

Left rail_Closed.png

Mobile Screens


Thanks for Watching!


Final thoughts (humanizing the process)

In the end this project was pretty fun. Here are some insights I walked away with.

  • Organizing my files WAS crucial. Flies were often shared in this project. While mine were nice and tidy, others were not...arrgh. Sloppy files are like a slow death.

  •  Designing based on intuition is probably the best way to work fast. In this case we had a defined end result already so intuitive designing was really freeing.