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Hi, I’m Maren Fiorelli. I was born in the Milwaukee Wisconsin.

When I was 10 my family, which included 8 siblings and 2 parents, moved to Cincinnati Ohio, where I graduated from high school.

When I was 19 I was going to college for English literature but realized I had more passion for Painting than Poe.

When I was 21, I moved to Columbus Ohio supported myself with a job at a local brewery to get a BFA in fine arts with a focus in abstract paining. For a few years I waited tables during the day and became a painted at night. Carpe Diem…

I soon moved to Chicago driving my teal Honda civic, with only enough money to pay for a few month rent. I almost enrolled in law school after listening to the Drew Peterson trial but soon decided to enroll in Columbia College Chicago. In May of 2014, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Product Design.

After graduating, I got a small toy into production on the market, but soon switched to UX. I moved with my boyfriend (now husband) to NYC. With no real experience I faked it till I made it freelancing, and finally got a backbone. I eventually got a full-time gig at Chase and honed my ninja design skills in large scale data-driven complicated systems. I cherished my time living in Brooklyn, and the design culture surrounding me.

In September of 2018, I moved to the Bay area, where I helped work on fixing the broken Chase Design system.

In Nov of 2018, I got a taste of chaos, working at a logistics startup going through their series A growth. An experience that cements itself as “only in San Francisco”.

And that brings us to today. 


My work focuses on end-to-end app design. Brainstorming, wire-framing, visual design, UI patterns, you name it.

Work with Me

I'm currently a looking for an awesome team to join, where I can learn from you and vise-versa.

Shoot me a message below if you'd like to talk art or design. Here's my résumé.