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Maren Fiorelli

Let's sweat_Performix Workout app

Encouraging an amazing virtual workout 

Client: Corr-Jensen
Company: Performix

I worked on the: Research, Interaction Design, Wire-framing, Prototyping

Performix is a health and wellness brand focusing on the fitness enthusiast. Their brand includes supplements, shakes, and bars.

The Challenge
Our team was given the task to create a PERFORMIX branded fitness and lifestyle app, with a workout video library to inspire and delight the client.


What was I asked to do?

I was tasked as a UX/UI Designer to:

  • Create a parallel experience between the products and the app. 

  • Design the user experience & annotating the functionality

  • Prototype the interactions for client use, in invision


" Creating digital interactions to promote physical experiences. From screen to gym."


How might we...


a better branded connection to an exercize app


both savvy and non technical users


easily and successfully connect with more Performix products

And improve…

the overall user experience of the app and increase successful products



How to Use the App

 Login page screen


The app was built with the fitness enthusiast in mind. The branding was carried through to the app, with the sharp edges, and grey tones.


Programs page screen


This is the meat of the app. The user needs to be able to easily preview, share, and save to their


Workout page screen

5_My workout page.jpg

The workout page helps the user keep track of their fitness progress.

Feed page screen

4_Feed page.jpg

Fitness can be highly competitive. A feed page created a sense of community, and promoted sharing information.

Invite friends screen

7_invite friends.jpg

The Invite friends page gives lets the user add friends to their network. Adding friends positively impacting their fitness success.

Final prototype



The Process: You've seen the gist of where we landed. Now lets get away from the shiny stuff and lets explore the real design process.


The Process

  1. Research
    (Who are the users? What is the product? What are the goals?)

  2. Document

  3. Collaborate and build relationships
    (users, stakeholders, devs, engineers)

  4. Create early low-fi designs and socialise with stakeholders
    (keep everyone in the loop, to prevent big surprises)

  5. Iterate & test  (user test where possible)

  6. Create Invision designs and socialise

  7. Iterate & test (user test where possible)

  8. Handover for implementation

  9. Support implementation (when possible)


1. Design goals: defining and directing

Ux & Design Goals

  • Create a predictable, simple and beautiful interaction

  • Reveal complexity progressively

  • Make the system do the heavy lifting to make it scalable in the future


2. Research: Competitive analysis

Major Competitor Product summaries

 Jawbone up - has wide ranging product with ability to track metrics for personal health. This  includes a vibration alarm with a few functions, and a way to keep track out your calories burned

21 Day Shred - a comprehensive workout and diet routine. This product combines 3 weeks' worth of progressively tougher workouts, and explains the field tested rationale for each workout plan.

Sworkit - a holistic approach to strength workouts. Allows the user to create and share custom routines on "playlists", and access your complete workout history

Jefit - Creates personalized workout routines by tracking and analyzing your workout progress, from over 13,000 exercizes. Stat heavy features allow for the user to see progress reports and comparison charts.  


3. Interviews and observational studies 


Real people give you real information. That is why we headed to the Gym and observed how people interacted with the machines. This gave us a great indication of their good personal habits, their and work arounds. Working out is a very personal, and customizable routine.


4.Practical application

Application map



  • Client: Corr-Jensen

  • Role: UI/UX/Branding

  • Coworkers: Team (Design, Packaging, Marketing, and Development)

  • Status: Concept and Design Approved.

  • Found on: itunes and google play


Thanks for Watching!