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Humanizing HR_ADP Time Clock

Refining your time experience

Company: ADP

I worked on the: Research, Interaction Design, Wire-framing, Prototyping

ADP is an American provider of human resources management software and services.

The Challenge
Our team defined a balanced design, for a new user experience of a legacy enterprise HR Management software, as part of the NYC Innovation Lab.


What was I asked to do?

If you've ever heard of ADP you know that time management software is their bread and butter. Unfortunately they live on a legacy system. This system is what I was asked to update.

  • Uncover end-user behaviors, needs, & pain points through user research & data analytics.

  • Partner with internal stakeholders, product & domain experts to analyze the needs and processes of the business and the brand. 

  • Work in a scrum with product owners and development teams to execute designs.

  • Communicate concepts for desktop, mobile web, and the mobile iOS app 



How might we...

Create… a more modern experience in a legacy product that fulfills both business and product goals

For… both both the employee and employer.

To… easily and successfully make a connection with the users time in and out.

And improve… the overall user experience of the app and increase successful products



Dashboard Page

Time Dashboard Panel

There were many iterations of this screen. We had testing every two weeks so we went through at least 8 or 9 is the a version in the middle

Add a comment.png


Final Prototype



The Process: You've seen a few versions of where we landed. Lets explore the true "agile" DESIGN process.


The Process

  1. Agile Framework (Work with in an agile framework. Start prioritizing what fits the timeline.)

  2. Sprints & Epics (Start with sprint planning, and creating the stories. )

  3. Research (The team does research, qualitative, quantitative, data analytics...etc.)

  4. Prototyping & Feedback (sketches to rough wireframes, followed by more defined iterations, and finished with testing every two weeks.)

  5. Iterate & Test (Repeat step 4...maybe for eternity.)

  6. Review information (Design, development, and product teams review in parallel to confirm agreement of the design.) 

  7. Shipment of product (Continued support during implementation.)


Design Process

Whiteboard sessions

In order to fully understand the asks we had daily calls with the Product Experts (SMEES)and whiteboard sessions afterwards, and whenever they were needed to keep the process fluid. 


Flow breakdown

Mini flows were created to communicate with the product and business teams. Whatever the reason, meetings can, and do, get out of control. Visuals help to keep meetings from that "spiral of death".


Feature Refinement

We had testing every two weeks, so in between we refined the concepts, while working closely with UX researchers to get "S%&*" done.


User Testing

Evaluate refinements of Timecard in front of users

We wanted to know: What devices do you use? Understand the components a user wanted to see on their time dashboard. Explain what and how you input?

Features tested:

  • Tour

  • Summary

  • Multiple time pairs

  • Editing labor accounts and times

  • Adding lines and comments


  • 4 Employees with hourly timecards

  • 3 employees with project view timecards

  • 2 E-time users


...Repeat...Review...and then finally pass off to the Devs.

Final thoughts (humanizing the process)

In the end after my 9 month stint as a freelancer I realized some crucial points.

  • Large companies are slow moving machines. It takes time to turn a cruise ship and the same can be said about ADP. 

  • This project was never resolved completely. It went through more than 8 rounds of user testing. This may have been too many.

  • I worked with a bunch of very design oriented developers. This is rare in the field, and also greatly appreciated.:)

  • Never take for granted free snacks, and meals. Your next job may not have either.

  • My dev team was very receptive to learning about design. Its also helpful to learn a little more about their job too.


Thanks for Watching!