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Darkstore: Urbanizing Same-Day Delivery

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The Challenge

Rekindle the Design Experience

We partnered with the Darkstore fulfillment centers to create a more personalized experience for their members. The project included a fresh rebrand, and update of the responsive website, and new mobile app.

Our high level goals were to:

  1. Make it fast and easy to use.

  2. Give Users more control over their tasks.

  3. Create an updated platform for deeper user engagement.

My Role

Lead UX Designer: UX/UI


How can we give Darkstore a modern and personalized experience?


A Stronger Understanding

I had no previous logistic experience so I partnered with our warehouse team to learn through observational studies how products were checked in, fulfilled, and delivered. Our goals were to understand the challenges and pain points that happen in the warehouse between the time a product enters and a product leaves for delivery.

Warehouse is Hayward, California…Where all the magic happens.

Warehouse is Hayward, California…Where all the magic happens.


Competitive Analysis


Main Take-aways

- Well established company in place

- Fulfillment centers organized by Zone.


Main take-aways

-  Gives shippers direct connection to Freights

- Clear Cost efficiencies


Main take-aways

- Real-time GPS tracking

- Zipcode inclusive


Main take-aways

- multi-carrier shipping 

- Integrates with e-commerce platforms


Understanding the system from a bird’s eye view

Basic flow for the end to end experience

I created a visual map, using the operations team as a sounding board to map out the current Darkstore experience with a goal to communicate current motivations, goals, and behaviors.

end to end.png

Reframing the Problem by recalibrated the goals

Before I could jump into designing, it was important to define success and understand experience at scale. it was a people management problem in the warehouse. Bad communication practices and Inventory issues caused a snowball effect.


“...How might we build a better inventory system for future expansion within the limitation and budget of a startup?”


Inventory inaccuracy

Items were sometimes partially fulfilled. When this happened operations managers have to spend valuable time finding out why.


Scanning issues

App users were often frustrated using the built in scanner, resorting to using the physical scanner.



Both Operations and Fulfillment partners need to talk to each other in real time if there are going to any late or unfulfilled orders.


Button location

Some of the buttons were causing confusion, or selected incorrectly.


The Beginning of the Design

At the outset of the project we had a clear mission and goals for the experience. I had no logistic experience so, I partnered with our warehouse team to explore how products were checked in, fulfilled, and delivered.





Style and Colors



Introducing the Darkstore platform (Operations team)

Resolving Conflicts faster

The main goal was to ensure that all members of operations team can perform tasks respectfully. A simple note can create a context for an error correction and notify all parties involved.

Freights Dash.jpg

Fixing inventory accuracy

The key to maintaining accurate inventory is having a method of cycle counting.

Breaking-up this complexity


Creating checks and balances in the system

Cycle Count_Override.jpg

Introducing the Mobile app (Warehouse Team)

Below is our inventory management concept. It save time by connecting the platform to the Apps inventory, and streamlining key tasks like Inventory discrepancies and order fulfillment.

Concept design by me.

Getting closer to understanding:

Preliminary Wireframes

The main goals were:

  1. Create easier location based picking.

  2. Do time efficient measure on behalf of the order volume.

  3. Shave off time in the fulfillment process.

  4. Capitalize on better communication.

Preliminary Low- fidelity wireframes


Validation of concept


Orders Pages: Tracking and Receiving orders faster

At its core, order control works by tracking the two main functions of a warehouse: receiving (incoming) and shipping (outgoing). I wanted to highlight some of these metric on the orders page


Order Transparency

We upgraded the order systems to clarify all part of the order’s journey.


Freights pages

Creating Context to helps align the users goals

Architecture needs to support your User Experience. When planning, we narrowed in on target functions to clearly define our user’s pathways.


Taking stock of the information

Bucketing information into useful categories can direct the user faster towards their goal.


Inventory pages

Managing inventory effectively

Inventory is the bread and butter of a business. Darkstore found a way to access it to operate properly


Inventory Affects Business

Not keeping proper tabs on your stock can be costly.


Inventory pages

Fixing inventory accuracy

The key to maintaining accurate inventory is having an established method of cycle counting.We say this as a way to affect a small business's ability to forecast better, and ultimate scale faster.


Helping Define achievement

Cycle counting, is a simple way to easily generate metrics that tell you how you’re performing.



Through this case study, the sheer amount of work put into accurately creating a complete logistic system was a great challenge. I had to keep in mind that all of this is a process and it will take time, as well as some trial and error, before finding systems that work. With hard work, perseverance, and the right inventory management tools, the day-to-day operations will fall into place.

I left the project before we had time to test design solutions, but I am looking forward to seeing it shipped later this year. Please feel free to ask, to see a more in depth version of this project with more screens.


Thanks for Watching!